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THURSDAYS: 2 Eastern / 1 Central / 12 Mountain / 11 Pacific


Passcode: 837713

Roundtable Podcast


4/22  Open Topics.  Roundtable Evaluation.  (Last Roundtable for this Season.)


What To Expect

An open discussion hosted by Co-founder, Boyd Pelley, or other CT staff on the topics of interest to whomever is on the call.  You will get to know our staff, meet other clients, learn solutions, strategize possibilities, and ideate the future with us.

The Roundtable is a live-on-Zoom extension of our Facebook Forum.


20200217_140347 (2)Boyd Pelley is co-founder and the culture architect of Churchteams.  He served in discipleship, administrative and family pastor roles in 3 churches for 18 years.  Married for 34 years, he and Pam are very close to their 2 married and 4 grand kids.  Mostly he just loves and serves Jesus.