Text, Text-to-Church, Email, Website Integration

A 36 Minute Introduction Using Software to Communicate

Here is the chapter outline to help you navigate the webinar. Use the chapter list in the bottom right to go to specific sections.

  1. Find Your Text-to-Church (T2C) Phone #
  2. Send T2C or Free Texts
  3. T2C Guidelines & Cost
  4. Chat
  5. Settings
  6. T2C Keywords
  7. Text Templates
  8. Schedule Texts
  9. Text History
  10. Send Email Basics, Filters, Lists
  11. Email Templates (Editor)
  12. Email Schedule
  13. Email History
  14. Snail Mail
  15. Website Integration (Forms, Links, Code)


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Boyd Pelley

Your host is Co-founder and Culture Architect of Churchteams.  He is an entrepreneur and church software innovator with 18 years church staff experience and 23 years leading Churchteams.  He can be reached at